Our good friend Mads (who happens to have his portrait featured here on Let’s Elope) sent us this absurd series from Bolivia by Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona. What a world.
(via It’s Nice That : Waska Tatay explores the rites and rituals of Bolivian witchcraft and pagan practice)
Tim Walker, Las Pozas, Jacob K AND Tilda Swinton in one shoot. Magical.  (via Photos: Tilda Swinton shot by Tim Walker at the Las Pozas estate, Mexico | W Magazine)
4th of June, Beijing, 1989

By Arthur Tsang Hin Wah for Reuters.

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We love Alexander Gehring’s aesthetics.
Here is what he writes about Messages from the Darkroom, where this photograph is from “The photographic series Messages from the Darkroom investigates the connection between photography and the occult. Based on historical photographs published by early twentieth century parapsychologist Dr. Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, Messages from the Darkroom enquires the ability of the photographic camera to capture magical or paranormal phenomena.”
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Ocean Beach by Douglas Ljungkvist
(via Ocean Beach — Douglas Ljungkvist)
"These photographs investigate the practice of the grading of skin colour from black to white, referred to as ‘Caste’, which revealed the extent of racial mixing in 18th century colonial Haiti."
As Colin Dayan, a Haitian historian, comments, ‘Stranger than any supernatural fiction, the radical irrationality of Moreau St Mery’s methods demonstrates to what lengths the imagination can go if driven by racial prejudice.’”
The Caste Portraits by Leah Gordon
(via The Caste Portraits : Leah Gordon)
"In 1994, the local government in the city of Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine, found itself in need of a photographer. The Soviet Union had just collapsed a few years earlier, and like all of its newly independent states, Ukraine had to go through the process of issuing new passports to all of its citizens, roughly 50 million of them. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem, many of those citizens were shut-ins, elderly and bedridden, and in order to take their passport pictures someone had to go around making house calls with a camera. In Luhansk, one of the officials knew a guy who knew a guy who worked at a local photo studio. His name was Alexander Chekmenev. So that’s who got the job."

(via Alexander Chekmenev’s Post-Independence Ukraine Passport Photos - LightBox)
"Tears of elation at a liminal moment" from "Topography of Tears" by Rose-Lynn Fisher.

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"Chechnya. 2001. Poorly trained Russian soldiers are posted at checkpoints throughout Chechnya."
From ‘Open Wound’ by Stanley Greene.
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Sometime Blues + Witches Brew by Nathaniel Grann
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