"Chechnya. 2001. Poorly trained Russian soldiers are posted at checkpoints throughout Chechnya."
From ‘Open Wound’ by Stanley Greene.
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Sometime Blues + Witches Brew by Nathaniel Grann
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Looking through Tammy Mercure’s photographs from the South is like being slapped slowly in the face time after time. Perfect occupation on a Friday afternoon.

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We’re speechless. Almost. Stunning landscapes from Greenland by Olaf Otto Becker.
We’re looking forward to see how this will turn out in the future. Thomas Prior is, as always, killing it!

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Listen by Newsha Tarakolian
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Dust Under Our Feet by Bego Antón

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Pizza in the Wild by Jonpaul Douglass.

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"These photographs are from an ongoing series that depicts the lives of my father, sister, and two brothers over the past five years as they take on the burden of my mother’s deteriorating mental health."
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Sattelite by Martina Hoogland
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